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A Drug War Carol

This is a wake up call for Drug Warriors. Your party is almost over. People are figuring out that the War on Drugs isn't about making society safer, it's about creating political patronage jobs. It's about manipulating the public into giving the government way too much power and destroying the Bill of Rights, using a concoction of bald-faced lies, brazen hoaxes, and ugly racism.

This online graphic novel lays bare the whole sordid truth, in a re-telling of the Dickens classic.

Contents © 2003 by Susan W. Wells. Story by Susan W. Wells, script by Scott Bieser, art by Scott Bieser, Lloyd W. Meek, and ~3~.

Editorial Cartoons

Sept 11
The Buddies FBI Weather Report Back-Pocket Bush Bad Dog Epic Transformation Fortress America Nothing To See
Voting as self-defense Bennettito Issawienie The Boot On Your Neck Party Fit Fashion Pinky Ironic Curtain Uppity Libertarians
Hunter Break Glass Skull 'n' Bones The Tempest New Manglement Lips Moving The Trouble with Gaia-ism

Most of these appear in The Libertarian Enterprise, a weekly webzine of commentary published by L. Neil Smith and edited by Ken Holder. Some of them appear in Rational Review, a monthly webzine published and edited by Tom Knapp. The images here were sized for Web page display, but I also have higher-resolution versions suitable for printing, available on request. All of the above are ©Scott Bieser.

KeepAndBearArms.com Series

All of these cartoons have either been published or accepted for publication on the KeepAndBearArms.com website. They may be freely reproduced, provided they are not altered. High-resolution versions suitable for print publication are available on request.

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