September 11

This piece has received the strongest response of any piece of art I've had circulated on the Internet.

Attention newspaper and newsletter editors: If you'd like a higher-resolution copy suitable for print publication, if you agree to run it with credit and without alteration of content you can download it (1400x1400 pixels, about 740kb) by clicking here.

Bill of Rights Enforcement note: The Sept. 11 mass-murder could not have occurred had airline crew and passengers been able to exercise their civil right to bear arms, as emphasized in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The violation of anyone's civil right right is a felony under Federal statutes, and when such violation results in the victim's death, it becomes a capital crime subject to the death penalty.

An online petition appeals formally to the government to enforce its own laws, and to prosecute government agents complicit in the Sept. 11 massacre because they disarmed the victims. You can read it here, and sign it if you care to.

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