Okay, actually I often visit places like C|Net and all the portals and stuff that most everybody knows about anyway. But these are some off-the-beaten-track places that I think should get more eyeballs:

RationalReview.Com is a (sort of) monthly webzine of political commentary, where I post cartoons (semi-)regularly. This is also the home of Rational Review News Digest, a highly useful news clipping service for libertarians.

The Libertarian Enterprise -- Weekly webzine of political commentary edited by Ken and Pat Holder, published by L. Neil Smith. It features a cartoon each week, which sometimes is by yours truly. Very slow-connection friendly.

Lew -- I include this one advisedly. While this webzine has some great anti-war, pro-gun rights and pro-free-market commentary, it unfortunately sides with creationists against scientific biology, with uterus-nationalizers against pregnant women, and with nativists against immigrants. Pretty much what one might expect from a former ally of Pat Buchannan. On the other hand, when these guys get into a dust-up with the National Review hacks, we can often find some decent comedy.

Anti-War.Com -- If you prefer your anti-war news and commentary without the excess baggage, this is the place. This site has links to sources all across the political spectra, sharing the single anti-war theme.

The International Society for Individual Liberty links libertarians and classical liberals in 90 countries (and growing), providing a monthly newsletter and an annual convention in a different world city each year. They also host Freedom News Daily. -- Weblog of one of a trio of exceptional libertarian writers and activists, of the female gender.

The Claire Files -- Website of the second of a trio of exceptional libertarian writers and activists, of the female gender. Claire's site includes a message board, and a link to Claire's blog site, -- Website of the third of a trio of exceptional libertarian writers and activists, of the female gender. Actually Wendy is more of an author than an activist and is also an opinion columnist for Fox News' web site (look under their "iFeminists" heading).

Panel & Pixel -- A web forum for comics creators and serious graphic story afficianados. I hang out here quite a lot.  

Neurogenesis -- Is your brain chemistry unbalanced? Find out what to do about it here. Company co-owned by my father, Albert H. Bieser. 

The Devil's Dictionary -- One of the funniest and more profound "books" of the 19th Century, written by Ambrose Bierce. (Actually, it was originally published in small pieces in various publications between 1881 and 1906 and later collected into book form.) The site contains the entire public domain text of the book, and links to where you can buy physical copies. 

California Homeschool Network -- There is more than one homeschooling group in California, and of course nationwide, but somehow I like this one best.

Homeschoolers' Association of California -- This is another useful statewide group of California homeschoolers. While I tend to prefer CHN (mainly because most of my closer friends are in it), this site provides a great many useful links for any homeschooling family.

The Principia Discordia, or How I Found the Goddess and What I Did To Her When I Found Her -- hyperlink text version of this 1970s tract, which launched the Discordian movement.

KeepAndBearArms.Com -- My favorite gun activists site. It features a valuable news clipping service of special interest to gun owners and self-defense rights activists. Even though it's not run by my friend Angel Shamaya anymore, the new owner, Allan Gottlieb (The Second Amendment Foundation), has maintained it in good faith to its founding principles.

Firearm User Network -- Advanced Field Marksmanship and field training for Hunters Donations Page -- Buy ammunition online and will donate 1 percent of your payment to the pro-freedom organization of your choice.

The Independent Institute -- A scholarly libertarian think tank. Also, check out The Independent Review, their quarterly journal