"Piece" Poster

One afternoon I got a phone call from L. Neil Smith, to tell me "I've got an idea that will really hurt their [gun-grabbers'] brains." Originally he was going to send me a scanned image of his favorite pistol, an EAA Witness. I got impatient and found another image of a Witness (which turned out to be a slightly different model) and rather than put a scanned bitmap in front of a "peace" symbol, I fired up Adobe Illustrator and traced the image to create a resolution-independent vector graphic. I could make a 6-foot-tall version of this image if I cared to. 2000 L. Neil Smith & Scott Bieser.

This image is now available for sale as a 16x20 inch poster! Just go to my new CafePress Store and click on the link for posters.