Klingon Ship Captain head (Star Trek: New Worlds™)

For the Star Trek: New Worlds™ end-game movie, I needed a head with facial morph targets already made, due to time constraints. We found this "life-mask" head for a Vulcan character which had been made for Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury, which had been "indefinitely suspended." It had the morph targets, but then I had the challenge of making this guy look like a Klingon, but without altering the existing geometry (and thus rendering the morph targets unusable.)
So I did what Hollywood would have done: I created a "prosthetic" forehead, borrowed a "wig" of long hair, and added a little Fu Manchu moustache, which 3DS MAX 3.1 allowed me to "stick" to the geometry without screwing up its vertex numbering.
Add some color, specularity and bump mapping, and voilá: We have Captain Klunk of the Klingon Empire, ready to deliver his lines.